VIVAgate: 10 redenen om een blank iemand te daten

Terwijl de jihad rustig verder gaat, de Tweede Koude Oorlog steeds echter lijkt te worden, en er waarschijnlijk vloeibaar water op Mars is ontdekt, hebben we in Nederland gelukkig nog VIVAgate! VIVA, het tijdschrift voor de jonge geëmancipeerde vrouw, gaf ons een heel handig lijstje met tien redenen om een donkere man te daten. Jammer genoeg was het al gauw in een vlaag van zelfcensuur verwijderd. Gelukkig kunnen we dankzij The Post Online en het Algemeen Dagblad nog weten waarom het nou zo geweldig is om een donkere man te daten.

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I noticed I’ve been rather quiet for the last couple of months. Sorry for that! Stuff has been rather hectic, and I haven’t been able to update this blog. Since I’m most likely won’t have the time to write any new entries before 2014, I thought now would be a good time to look back at this year…

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The Language of Racial Innocence

I just had to reblog this. Jesus…Egbert Alejandro Martina strikes again, and really hard this time!

How to explain anthropology to a physicist

From “Powers of Ten” to “Magnifying the Universe”

Urban Farming at Home – Part 4: Keeping you updated

Urban Farming at Home - Part 4It has been a while since my last update, and for that I apologize! I’ve been very busy with some other projects, such as my ventures into storytelling and transcribing, and an online music related project I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more about (hint: it involves a certain studio in Rotterdam). In other words, the home farming project unfortunately became a bit of a lower priority. However, there has a lot been happening on our lovely little balcony. We had our harvest, some stuff has been growing, other stuff has been dying, and every time we learn something new. Overall it’s a very fun thing to do, but you do need to take your time for it. Perhaps permaculture is the solution after all?

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Reflections on Starbucks and chipped Javanese

Starbucks, glorious Starbucks. Once I would only visit it when I was abroad. It reminded me of those silly pretentious independent American films with young and hip actors who weren’t cool enough for the mainstream crap. It reminded me of Henry Rollins explaining us that a tornado would pass by and blow one Starbucks into another one.

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Heartworkers – reflections on transcribing

HartwerkersFor the last couple of months I’ve been transcribing interviews for the Hartwerkers (‘Heartworkers’ in English) documentary series. I remember once, on a magical day after my bachelor research in Peru, that I screamed that I would never transcribe anything anymore. Transcribing is basically dictation from elementary school all over again, except that you can actually rewind it over and over and over. So why am I doing this again?

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Rotterdam Told by People (teaser)

For the last couple of weeks I have rid myself of the concept of free time. Working on various projects at the same time, I’m currently working about 60-70 hours a week on average. Some of the stuff is still rather classified, but other things can be shown. So here’s a teaser for a project I’ve been working with together with Studio Catinca Tilea (her website will go live soon, so for now you can go like her Facebook page).

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Don’t hug the foreigner! – Perceptions on multiculturalism in Dutch society

Don't hug the foreignerThe Dutch police is advising citizens not to hug strangers (warning: article is in Dutch). Hugging is very dangerous, just like shaking hands or accepting gifts. Of course this is even more dangerous when the hug comes from an Eastern European person, who in Holland is collectively known as a ‘MOE-lander‘, which roughly translates as ‘Central & Eastern Europe countryman’. What these ‘unknown foreign elements’ will of course do is try to rob you, or maybe do worse things to you. Hilarity guaranteed!

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