by Stefmanovic

Osama Bin Laden is dead, and we all have to know it! We could of course have expected this. The US glorifies this moment as some sort of victory over their enemies, demonstrating that everybody who resists them shall be crushed. Go them! Personally I won’t be having any sleepless nights over this. For years Bin Laden was nothing more than some almost fictive figure who lived in the mountains of Central Asia who was the reason for the US and its allies to occupy Afghanistan and bomb the living hell out of the Pakistani people with drones.

I wonder if Bin Laden’s death will mean the end of the drone attacks and military occupation. But yeah, CNN proudly proclaims Bin Laden to be dead, with his corpse ditched into the sea so that others will not visit his grave, but at the same time they tell us that the US is still checking out if they actually killed him. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Bin Laden has already been dead for months or years even. Note that whilst Bin Laden might have been responsible for the 9/11 attacks against the US, his role in the post 9/11 world is rather minimum, or non-existing even. What does this mean? Exactly, that Bin Laden’s death (be it real or not) is primarily of symbolic importance rather than geopolitical. In other words; his death is irrelevant to US’ foreign policy, since the US will maintain its occupation force in Afghanistan and will most likely keep attacking Pakistan (who a couple of years ago were the US’ greatest ally…). However, when looking at US domestic politics, his death will have a larger meaning. President Obama can credit himself for taking out Obama, which in times of upcoming elections will be rather important. Donald Trump is going to have a hard time topping this…

Which makes me wonder what Donald Trump will do. Will he try to kill another enemy of the US? Maybe hire some private army to kill the leaders of countries such as Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, North Korea and Cuba? I doubt our toupee wearing friend will be able to pull that one off, perhaps he should try to a less significant foe, perhaps the president of Bolivia or an opposition leader in some random African country. Perhaps he could milk it out into a reality show in which a jury (led by Trump truly) will judge which “secondary enemy” shall be killed. At the end of the season Trump will send in his mercenaries to perform the kill. Or perhaps he will simply stage this attack. It would make great television!

But yeah, what will Donald Trump do now…