Building cities?

by Stefmanovic

A little while ago I started getting into Google Sketch-Up, which is this free program with which one can draw all sorts of nifty things. For a while I was building entire cities, which was fun and all. It it kind of originated from another plan of mine to turn the entire ceiling of my bedroom into the model of a city. However, the lack of resources kind of prevented me from doing so, hence me delving into Sketch-Up to build the world of my dreams.

However, the other day I found another little project by an artist named Peter Root. He built an entire city using staples, yes…those things normal people use to keep a bunch of papers together, I mean…look at it! Damn!

I kept watching this video several times in a row. Once I have a bit more time I might look into using a method similar to this to turn my ceiling into a dystopia…