JUGEND the Musical – Teaser video

by Stefmanovic

So, we finally did it. Rotterdam’s most infamous rock ‘n roll, glam, industrial, electro, neo-nazi parody, pseudo black supremacist and presenters of society’s hyper-sexualized and totalitarian nightmare mirror have produced a musical. Yes, you’ve heard it right…a musical! Influenced by great work such as West Side Story and films like A Clockwork Orange and The Warriors JUGEND set out to create a repressive nightmare setting that is but one potential future for the city we currently live in (which is Rotterdam, my dearest reader…)

We’ve learned a lot from the experience, recordings have been made but it is currently a mystery if they will ever be made public (as you may notice, we are not as transparent like we encourage others to be). We will definitely continue with this project and hope to work on a 2.0 version of this story. No, it is not a sequel (which is also something we’ve started brainstorming about…all very Wagner of course!), but more along the lines of a “re-release” but not in the George Lucas sense of the word in which he re-releases his films every time a new piece of technology presents itself (did you know he wants to re-release all of the Star Wars film in 3d?) or should I say “another relative of his wants to go to college”.

But yeah, I’m drifting off here…teaser video! Enjoy!