Dorking around

by Stefmanovic

Another lost piece, the idea behind it was that it was going to be a piece of so-called “color text” for another potential commission project. I played a bit with trying to add some odd exotic linguistics in there, but looking back on it, it looks a little bit forced. Really bad Russian words added into it, as if you’re watching some silly episode of Star Trek or something. In other words, you’re typical sci-fi cliche! Another element I tried to add in the short piece were the characters’ thoughts, which were written in italics. Yes, I know, blatantly ripping off the most awesome and epic set of novels ever. No…not Harry Potter! I’m talking about Frank Herbert’s Dune here!

I should quit regurgitating my old stuff and start writing some short pieces on my Peru experiences. Ok, I’m off writing about your favorite workplaces now!


Faidor ran as hard as he could. “Undead coming this way”, he yelled as he ran into the building. As he entered, other soldiers quickly barricaded the door shut. The windows were already covered by large iron plates surrounded by barbed wire, nobody was going to enter this building without first destroying its defenses. “How many did you see,” Vaisili asked. “About fifty of them, followed by several units of Crowmantine infantry.” Crowmantine infantry? It seems that our enemies don’t know that we ran out of ammo for our electro magnetic artillery.

“Get some snipers on the upper floors to take care of the Crowmantine traitors to cover our escape into the tunnels!” Vaisili’s plan was to escape into the alpha city’s sewer system and round up with other survivors in order to stage a counterattack. Faidor yelled at several of the soldiers who quickly ran up the stairs. “Remember, Faidor, only take out the traitor soldiers, our weapons are useless against those moving corpses. The barricades will prevent them from entering the building, however the traitors’ weapons could break through them so you must not let them be able to come in range of the building”, Vaisili remarked as Faidor followed the other snipers.

Below, on the streets, Faidor could already see them, Crowmantine soldiers carrying grenade launchers to destroy the barricades. The traitors would brown robes made from thick leather, the hoods over their heads hid their pale faces and totally black eyes. Around their necks the soldiers wore iron chains with small pendants on them. Vaisili claimed that these pendants could somehow protect the enemy soldiers from the undead. “Aim at their heads and necks!” The three snipers obeyed Faidor’s order. As the horde of bodies advanced towards the building, one of the snipers took out one of the Crowmantine soldiers, a perfect shot in the target’s neck. The bullet exploded upon impact, decapitating the enemy soldier. Some of the undead stopped their advance and turned on the headless body. “Blaet!  My rifle is jammed!” One of the snipers quickly duck underneath the window and tried to fix his rifle. Inferior imperial manufacture, Faidor thought with a sense of shame, as if he had committed a sin by having a critical thought. “Hurry up boy, I’ll cover you”, Faidor yelled as he fired several shots at the enemy troops. Now this is a rifle. Manufactured by the Communion, now they know how to make a good rifle. Unlike the imperial rifles that constantly jam up, the “dragon’s sting” is not only immune to this problem; it can also fire several rounds before reloading.

One of Faidor’s shots managed to hit the pendant worn by an enemy soldier. As the pendant broke into pieces, the soldier looked around him in pure terror. The undead quickly turned around and started to approach the Crowmantine. In panic he fired his weapon in all directions in an attempt to escape his fate. Faidor watched the undead tore the screaming soldier apart. That bloody arkh was right all along!

The snipers kept taking out Crowmantine soldiers; the undead were beating and scratching the armored plates on the building, trying to get in. In the distance Faidor could see a small bright light in the distance. Before he realized what it was, the left wing of the building exploded. Damn these traitors! They have artillery! With the building open and exposed the undead turned away from the doors and moved towards the opening in the building.

Blaet! We’re run out of luck sukhi! Retreat to the basement!” The three snipers quickly ran downstairs, but it was already too late. The enemy had already entered the building and undead were grabbing the loyalists troops. Faidor fired his weapon at the creatures. Whilst it did not kill them, the impact of the bullets managed to push the undead away, creating an escape route for the snipers. “Go! Now!” Faidor yelled as he pushed one of the boys down the stairs. The other sniper quickly followed, but it was too late for the third one, the young soldier was surrounded by undead who were biting him all over his body. Faidor watched as the boy screamed in pain, looking him in his eyes for a small instant. Blaet! He knew what to do; Faidor aimed his rifle at the boy. One flash, one determined flash, the young sniper was dead.

Blaet blaet blaet! We have failed, hopefully Vaisili and the others managed to get away…