by Stefmanovic

This is a little something new from us. It originally started with me making a “super secret” Facebook group where some of us were able to discuss weird politics, technologies and such which were rather totalitarian and disturbing in nature. The original plan behind it was to create a framework/background story that could be applied for various projects such as ‘JUGEND the Musical’ (and related projects), ‘Agenten van de Apocalypse’ and so on. However, it quickly turned in us posting articles/videos/links/photos of whatever we encountered on the web that was rather strange, be it some new Chinese aircraft carrier, Gaddafi’s new haircut or Hitler’s plans for lovedoll production.

Facebook has been getting on our nerves lately, partly because there has been some censorship on there and we don’t like that fact that Mark is making money of our brainstorming. So, we moved to a new page, namely Totalitarië

I know it’s still small and still very much a work in progress, but in the coming days/weeks/months it will look tighter and work more efficiently. Soon we’ll be able to spread our madness across the interwebz! We shall be for totalitarian science and politics what TED is for conferences and WOVOX tries to be for workplaces!

How’s that for ambition?