JUGEND (sans electronique) pictures!

by Stefmanovic

So once again our mighty heroes from Rotterdam have descended upon the masses to bring them repressive entertainment. This time we would attack The Hague. We were invited by the people from the TOTALARTS festival (and more specifically UNAMI) to play at 330 Live. For those of you who do not know this place, it’s the basement of Cremers (yes, that coffeeshop). But don’t say that too loud since the basement wants to build a name for itself rather than being just “the basement of”!

Our original plan was to show up with an electronic set and praised to the gods if we could manage to play for fifteen minutes. Sadly enough Timo, our technological monster had a bad case of…well, it’s a bit of a mystery, at the moment I’m hoping it won’t turn into pneumonia.


So we were forced to once again, like the radio performance of the week before, do an acoustic gig. We’ve have to dub these the “Sans Electronique” gigs. Great thing about them is that we need very little equipment. No need for extra amps, effects, laptops, cabinets, bass speakers, sound cards, synths, and so on and so on. We simply bring the acoustic guitar and our outfits (HIJ IS GEWOON DE NORMALE MAN MET Z’N GLITTERPAKKIE AN!!!)

But yeah, the gig was a lot of fun! The Hague generally is quite a cool city to play in. I think the reception we’ve received there so far has been very welcoming. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some more shows in the near future…


More pictures of this gig can be viewed here. Pictures by Marc Mikaelian | www.solarisdezine.com

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