JUGEND strikes again, he chuckled

by Stefmanovic

It had been a bit quiet around JUGEND. Distracted by work, business, poverty, niggery (yeah I said it!), sports, partying, coitus (or lack thereof) and so on has kept us from being that active. This changed when we were invited to play for the Empty Disco. A concept I thought to a parody of the concept of the ‘silent disco’. But instead of having a quiet room, the room would be abandoned.

No material
Lacking a complete setlist to play, we were forced to work on one quickly. Some of the material we’ve previously had, is no longer fitting to the “maturing-process” we are sort of more or less undergoing (oh, that must be a bitch sentence to read huh?). There was some progress in the production of Night Stick, a song which has been an enigma for the guitar-tracks. The guitar, and the role it should play, is still a sort of Gordian Knot (yes, I’ve been looking for synonyms for “enigma” on Google). Totalitariër, which we re-did about half a year ago, pretty much set a new standard for our noisiness. In the studio we even use the term “Totalitariër-hard” to describe a certain level of intensity.

Thank you for telling us this now!
Working on a setlist, we were slowly getting there. Even Night Stick was slowly turning into something (however, what might be considered good at one moment, can be disliked later on). We went to check out the place where we had to perform; a bar called BAR (a cute, badly isolated place where the girl behind the bar has the tendency to try to steal your change). It was then that we found out that apparently we couldn’t play a normal show. No amps were allowed, no bass was available. They wanted us to play an acoustic show. In other words: your typical miscommunication…

We had less than a week left to not only find a solution for this problem, but also to get it to such a standard that we could perform it. At the end we decided to do something completely different. We ended up creating a soundscape for one of Daryl’s poems. A strange mixture between “sound-art” (I tend to hate that term since in my very humble opinion most of is consists of arrogant idiots who are pushing random buttons, not knowing what they’re actually doing but pretending to take it very seriously, proclaiming those who see through your trickery are simply ignorant. In other words: your typical “high art” smugness), some trash metal like guitars and some gabber beats.

Hilarity ensues…
We didn’t really know what to do with this song. Since we weren’t allowed to perform it, it basically meant that Daryl had to read up his poem with a cd being played in the background. Feeling that this wouldn’t be an actual performance, the idea of taking this “faux-performance” to the next level was born. The roles of JUGEND, due to miscommunication/repression/cutbacks/whatever, were to be played by cardboard representation.  Forms with animal heads were made and hung up. The song was put on. JUGEND sat at the bar and had another drink. About four minutes later it was all over…

Only funny for us
Our glorious victory over the system (or something) wasn’t really noticed by the others. People kept asking when JUGEND would perform. Nobody really noticed our moment of rebellion. Maybe next time…