Back again!

by Stefmanovic

Thought it fitting to make a new start here since I’ve been neglecting you (my dearest reader). I decided to once again do some more writing since I’ve been neglecting it a lot lately. Strangely enough I’ve also updated the layout of my tumblr, even though that one has received constant updating (sort of). Life, in some aspects, has slightly changed. Most of it has remained the same though…

JUGEND is still happening but at such a slow speed that it might seem non-existent. Me and Daryl started a new project named Allochtoontje Lager, a (mainly) Dutch acoustic/folk setup. No more electronic beats, no distorted guitars, the scream is still there (from time to time), but we’ve been trying to experiment a bit with melodies and humor. 
So far Allochtoontje Lager is still very much an acoustic project consisting of guitar, vocals and sometimes a bass line. In the future we will definitely be including other instruments in there. Not much to show off for it except a fragment for a very calm show we did on Queensday (start watching from 07:00 onward).

Work is work, I’m still poor if that’s what you’re wondering. There is no big money coming in or anything like that, which is reason for some concern, but nothing world ending. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I need to start writing more. Maybe I can some money with it, we shall see…
I still work at WOVOX, visiting and writing about all sorts of (interesting) companies. We’re currently working on trying to get all media/IT/tech/advertising companies in Amsterdam on our website. It’s a pretty cool (and ambitious) project, but I do realize how much of a Rotterdam kid I am when visiting those places. Must be all those people talking about Keizersgracht and looking way too pretty when going to Albert Heijn (a local supermarket) when totally hung over.

Something that has been going veeeeery slowly. The scripts I’ve written for comics have not come to life yet. The ones that were given to artists are still in their inboxes I guess. The other ones I’ve written still don’t have anybody to draw them and I don’t have the financial resources to commission anybody to do them.
The stuff I’ve written for Redemption Sector is probably on the creator’s harddrive and any SCIROR related writing has been to closely intertwined with the comic scripts. I have been pondering on trying to do something for it in a pocket novel format, not sure yet how that will go, need to figure out some of the legal stuff surrounding the project. But I’ve already starting laying down the storyline for a story that was originally going to be a webcomic based graphic novel.
As for Totalitariërs, the site has been rather quiet for several months now. My motivation to write articles for it has dropped to the minimum. A shame really, since the premise of the hybridity between totalitarian politics and popular culture (to me at least) is rather fascinating. Maybe in the future…

That’s about it for now, I need a drink!