Allochtoontje Lager vs. Nuit Blanche

by Stefmanovic

Another weekend, another bunch of gigs and the beginnings of conquering Amsterdam. The shows were a lot of fun, we celebrated Daryl’s birthday. Sadly enough we forgot to cover the whole place in whipped cream (still got several cans of that stuff at home), but it was glorious nonetheless.

We played at Saint Germain and Sea Palace. The first was pretty cool, we had our own dungeon sort of thing to hang out in. Upstairs all gear was set up. Luckily we could play with Swim Class Bermuda’s (band who played before us) gear which was really awesome. The gig at Sea Palace was interesting as well. The gear didn’t work the way we wanted it to (this is a friendly way of putting that ‘the sound really sucked’), can’t blame the sound guys though, they had to work with the resources they had. Luckily enough we managed to circumvent that by having people dance on stage and our drummer Marcus’ (Marcus sounds more badass than Marc!) jumping around.

Afterwards we ran into Theo from Hausmagger, apparently he saw our show and liked it. Lets see if we can get to open for Hausmagger…

Ok, time for me to get back to work!

Kind regards,


P.S.: Check out our first official interview for Saint Germain.