Historically Disadvantaged

by Stefmanovic


I’ve fallen in love with the work of South African artist Anton Kannemeyer. It’s offensive (which is probably why I love it), but it hits the nail on its head. This piece especially gives me flashbacks to my student days. Hanging in Utrecht, surrounded by very politically correct girls who gladly swallowed the concept of cultural relativism, politically correct discourse and pacifism as their main ideology.

During my time in the field, all those very idealist ideas, and need to explore what Mark Twain would call ‘the territory’, were blocked by your typical Eurocentrism and desire to cross that ethno-sexual boundary.   I remember the lovely slip of the tongue: “I want to do something with blacks! Shit…I mean ‘blackness’, yes blackness!” We all knew what was on her mind.

Kannemeyer’s work really brought me back to those times, and more specifically to that girl who wanted to study blacks, sorry I mean ‘historically disadvantaged’.

Maybe I should try to contact him to do an album cover for Allochtoontje Lager…