The Next Web – 12 Awesome Offices in Berlin

by Stefmanovic

Another month, another article. Actually, it got published this Wednesday, but I was a bit too distracted to write about it…

So we visited six companies in Berlin. Very awesome stuff, met some really nice people and got really inspired. Sadly enough we were so busy that I didn’t get to meet any of my friends there. Also, we didn’t party, and we did eat ceviche at Perlin, or whatever the name of that restaurant was. But, we did get picked up by eBay’s shuttlebus, played ping pong with the girls of 99designs and exchanged cigarettes with madvertise (well, she gave me one of hers, but she didn’t take any of mine because she doesn’t like Lucky Strike).

All in all, cool stuff! Click on the link below to see the result of our work. Next month: Dublin!

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