New project – Steampunk urbanism

by Stefmanovic

Writing once again, well… Writing and drawing that is! I started a new project. Combining the writing and drawing I began working on a steampunk-esque cityscape. For some reason the writing has party moved into that direction as well…

I’ve been playing with Google Sketchup for a while, but now I’ve discovered styles (woohoo). At first I wanted to built large fortified city blocks, each isolated but for some bridges. The design idea behind it was to create self sustaining city blocks, a very militarized infrastructure and so on.

A few designs later and having given up on designing cities, I started writing again. Currently working on a series of short stories/articles/interviews/vignettes/etc. that will form a single story for the SCIROR project. However, whilst writing I was imagining cities again. Combined with my affection for the steam punk genre this little project was born. This won’t be a complete city, but ‘simply’ a neighborhood. A lot of work is still needed, but you can get an idea of what I’m after when looking at the first shot.

Not surprisingly the feel of the content will move more towards a steampunk, or dieselpunk feel, but lets see how that goes. I was tempted to post some of that content here. But I won’t (oh no he didn’t!), I’d like to make a more dedicated page for it. Now all I need to do is convince Philip to do the layout…