Steampunk Urbanism (continued)

by Stefmanovic

Steampunk Urbanism is in full go, several of the older cities have been revisited and now look in the same style of my latest work. I’m really digging how they’ve turned out, the older cities have a lot more of a dieselpunk (art deco) compared to the other piece. Click on the photo in this post to see larger versions of the nine thumbnails.

The story writing around it is a bit on the quiet front, but that will come in the coming weeks I think! Not totally sure yet if it will truly fit in with the SCIROR stuff I have been working on, we’ll see…

Steampunk Urbanism promoSteampunk Urbanism now consists of six different cities, each with its own story behind it. I’ll now need to figure out how to show those stories, but that shouldn’t be too hard I guess. The SCIROR framework does offer me some possibilities, but I’m not sure if I’d want to go into the traditional military scifi route. I find it rather limiting. Some more thinking in necessary…

Steampunk urbanism 2.0Another thing I might want to play with is rendering. As you can see in the picture above, I have been experimenting a little bit, but I’m not too happy with it yet. Guess I’ll need to get my hands on some better tools for that, but I’m not in the position to pay for it. I’ll most likely end up using GIMP or something.

But yeah, take a look at the other pictures and let me know what you think!