Steampunk Urbanism (part 3)

by Stefmanovic

Part 3 already? Ok, so it’s more doodles, nothing ground-breakingly new yet, but I have been playing with some of the concepts. Each of the cities (both theses and the previous ones I’ve posted) will be different settings for the stories. I’m not totally sure yet if they would each be completely different cities, or just different districts. Either way could be cool, but I think some of them are just too different to be seen as being part of the same area.

Steampunk Urbanism promo 2I guess these three would be completely different cities, or perhaps three interpretations of the same one (you pick how you’d like to view them). The top is more influenced by older traditional cities with city walls and such. Whilst there are no actual walls around it, the building blocks kind of function as a barricade. I would imagine people would enter these structures through the side turned inwards.

The second city isn’t really steampunk or dieselpunk like at all, it’s more akin to a modern metropolis, which is fine I guess.

The third set is a little bit new. I’ve tried experimenting with details. Normally I don’t do the buildings too detailed since my computer tends to go nuts. That, and the fact that too many details just become blurry. However, the black windows do add a very nice touch to the whole thing if I might say so myself!

What’s next? Not sure yet, I’d love to do a harbour in this style, but then again too many details to get lost in. Ships are also a hassle (especially since I’m more into the idea of introducing airships here). As you may notice the whole airship idea, combined with the last designs I did are inspired by the amazing work of Ian McQue, that guy is just crazy! I really hope he’ll release a book on those airships of his!