Steampunk Urbanism (part four + reflection)

by Stefmanovic

Such an inspiring title…right? Part four is basically dedicated to a revision of one of the older designs. The original concept was a city built on water, but in a rather dull way. Luckily playing with the filters made me got rid of the textures, which means the city on water premise can easily be hidden away. But there would still have to be a reason why the population decided to live in a city so high above ground on such isolated blocks. What is happened on the surface that drove the people to live this way?
Steampunk Urbanism promo 3So we basically have the question: what drove the builders of this city to build the city they’ve built? (complicated phrase huh?) Something must have happened to make the normal surface uninhabitable. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with that, meaning that the design is a form of megalomania to show off. Either way is an interesting thing to play with.

I’m in a good vibe lately when it comes to this. I think that, besides the writing and improving of these design, the next stage of this project will probably be to start drawing. Sadly my skills are pretty much non-existent, but I could either practice my ass off, or get somebody to help me out here. But in order to do that I need to have a stronger grasp of what it is I want to do with this…

By the way, click on the picture if you want to see larger versions of these thumbnails!