Baptism by Fire (first SCIROR fiction)

by Stefmanovic


For many moons (it has been a couple of years now) me and Philip have been tossing ideas at each other about creating a setting (which is now more akin to a framework) in which we combined our love for science fiction and horror. We looked at various concepts he had already been working on and see how we could turn that into a sandbox for writers, artists, gamers, etc to play with. The result is SCIROR, still veeeeeeeeery much a work in progress with most of its info/concepts trapped under hundreds and hundreds of forum posts, emails and comments.

So yeah, by now I felt it ready to play around a bit, to see what I can do with this sandbox. The premise is a series of short stories (each of around 1000 words max.) which are all independent but very much interconnected. Each fragment is different (meaning different style, different characters, events, etc), but all of them put together form the setting I seek to create.

The ‘Steampunk Urbanism’ project kind of evolved out of this as well. At first I assumed the project would support these stories, but I’m seeing the two of them moving apart, which doesn’t mean that Steampunk Urbanism can’t fit in the sandbox by the way…

But yeah, I’m deviating by the way. Here is the first part of this series of stories (I still need a title for the series, if you have one, let me know!), I’ll post the second one in the coming days.

Read the story ‘Baptism by Fire’ here…

(Credits: SCIROR logo by Philip Sibbering)