Ecopolis hab unit layout

by Stefmanovic

Another exploration into SCIROR. A long long time ago Philip wrote down an article about hive cities which he called ‘ecopoli’ (plural or ecopolis). Read more about it here. In short it’s a fully self sustaining fortified ‘colony in a box’ sort of thing. I always hoped to play a bit with the concept, as in to visualize it. The result can be seen below… (click on it to see larger versions of the designs)

Ecopolis hab-unit promo

It’s basically a 100m x 150m block, divided in twelve sections of 30m x 30m. The front ones are the actual living spaces and workshops.The eight back blocks are basically huge server rooms, but instead of being filled with server-like stuff, they are more akin to glasshouses.

One problem with the design is that it is supposed to feel very repressed and claustrophobic, which is does in text (just read the stuff Philip wrote). I mean, each ecorium has 45 levels, each level has 6 hab units, which is 270 hab units. And each ecopolis (which consists of 9 mega ecoria, which each has 9 ecoria) basically has 7290 hab units (yes I can sort of count!). This would just be a 3km x 3km block.

However, when looking on paper and putting a human in scale, the space seems vast. The claustrophobic dystopian feel isn’t fully there. Unless you also put the fact that mobility is very much limited. Life inside such environments isn’t urban, despite being a city, it is a rural place to live. Life revolves around food production, not that much else. Well…perhaps entertainment, which kind of reminds me of that episode of Black Mirror!

But yeah, another little sidetrack here. I am tempted to do a complete redesign of the concept, sort of give my own twist on Philip’s idea. Maybe in the coming months…