Some unimportant update

by Stefmanovic

Writer’s block, procrastination and general lack of inspiration. So now I’ve got the time to write, and I’m not really doing it! Instead I’m eating, watching movies and sleeping. Perhaps a good New Year’s resolution would be to get productive. Rehearse at least once a week with Allochtoontje Lager, maybe get JUGEND out of its seemingly permanent dormant state, and actually get some writing done!

Steampunk Urbanism is currently very quiet because I’m delved in another little project, which is currently known as Oude Steden. Can’t say too much about it yet since it’s in its very early stages, meaning that a lot might still change. In short it’s a ‘Dutch dystopia’, but it might become more ‘continental European’, it’s basically a countermovement against the general US or Japanese/Korean dystopias we normally tend to see in fiction. Well, there’s also the whole British and French scene of course, so we thought something more akin to Dutch, or perhaps even Scandinavian influences would be more interesting to play with. I’ll try to keep you posted on the project, we’ve got some cool artists (illustrator and sculptor) in at the moment, hopefully others will join in…

On a totally random note, I found this really cool short film the other day. It’s kinda ‘old’ (from 2008), but very gnarly nonetheless. It’s a German production about some guy with a really boring job in the Alien universe. Make sure you watch the whole video! 🙂