by Stefmanovic

Read the review I wrote for Romanian artist’s series FFF-XXX

floriama candea

With her series, FFF-XXX, artist Floriama Candea argues that contemporary society is dominated by the (ab)use of graphic/explicit imaginary of sex and sexual behaviour. In this context the artist questions whether sex is purely a physical act or if there is a deeper spiritual and emotional meaning to it. The series looks into the meaning and symbolism of sexual behaviour and sexuality as a human attribute. It is inspired by the exploration of sexuality and its visual meanings.
Almost all living creatures have some form of sexual behaviour. Because of this she has chosen to make an analogy between the reproductive systems of flowers and humans. The reasoning behind this is that flowers, as components of plants, are sexual organs. Whilst normally genitalia are not perceived as beautiful due to certain sexual taboos, the correlation between flowers and reproduction is generally absent. Flowers are seen as icons of beauty: fragile…

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