The Wolios – 2012 on the Roof [Armadillo Sessions – Live in SOHO]

by Stefmanovic

photoA couple of years ago (it’s been three already!) I was in Peru to carry out a research project for my university. During my time there I made some really good friends, probably the craziest guys I’ve ever met who I miss dearly (you know who you are!). Back then one of them had a band called Corrosion, which is basically your typical really loud heavy industrial band whose members listened a tiny bit too much to Ministry and are totally obsessed with television samples. The brain behind it, Alberto ‘the nude’ Zegarra, recently started another project with a cat we’ve come to know as ‘Wolio’. Wolio and Alberto wanted to create a kick ass rockband, and thus The Wolios was born. Here is a video of them performing their song ‘2012 on the Roof’ during the Armadillo Sessions in the SOHO studio.