Long Mexican legs (desynchronosis)

by Stefmanovic

BelanovaI don’t really know why I ever liked this song (you got to read the rest of this story to find out what song I’m talking about). It kind of happened to me during one of those magical summers. Well, it wasn’t that magical, I just came back from Peru and I missed the madness there. No traffic jams that could be solved by a cocaine sniffing cabdriver who runs out of his car to threaten the idiot causing the jam, no litre bottles of beer, no Corrosion (there, I said it!).

One of the great things about South America is the time difference; this means that when it’s dinner time in Holland, the sun stands on its highest point over the Andes. Consequence of this time difference when moving between these locations is that your body might get a bit confused. This is known as desynchronosis (this just asks for a metal band writing a song called that…), or to the layman as ‘jet lag’. Sadly enough I haven’t been able to suffer from this condition since I haven’t travelled in quite some time…

To get back to the story, the magical song during that magical summer. So I just came back from Peru and was suffering from jet lag. I was wide awake whilst the rest of the people were asleep. Instead of wearing some spandex suit and run around rooftops fighting crime, I decided to watch television. For some very strange reason MTV decided to broadcast its Latin American MTV Awards, also known as VMALA’s (but I think they changed that due to the whole ‘mala-thing’…). I know, I was in shock as well, music on MTV, and Latin American music, right during the time in which I was quite introspective on whether I had any kind of ‘Peruvianness’ (is that even a word?) in me. And then this song popped up, this Mexican band (and sadly enough not Molotov), horribly poppy, very cheesy, and when looking back on it quite lame. However, for some reason I decided to put up the song on ‘repeat one’ for a whole week. It must have driven people around me mad…

Why did I write this? I don’t know, but here is the song: