First translation work published!

by Stefmanovic

Infinite InstancesA little while ago I was approached to translate a review about Olga Ast‘s book Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time. The book is a collection of works and essays from artists, film makers, designers, scientists, philosophers and photographers from all over the world, all of them trying to answer that one question: what is time?

The original piece was written by Fred Swist for Physics World, but Olga wanted the review to be translated into other languages so that readers worldwide can enjoy it.

It’s cool to have this little piece of translation work published. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more of that in the future! But I won’t be talking around the subject that much longer, read the review (and its translation) yourself!

‘Reflections on Time’ by Fred Swist.

‘Reflecties over Tijd’ (vertaling).