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Urban Farming at Home – Part 3: The first harvest

Urban Farming at Home - The first harvestMy apologies for the long silence. Stuff has been a little hectic, a lot has been happening lately. I’m planning on becoming a freelancer, which for some reason means all sorts of bureaucratic fun in this country. There have also been some musical developments of which I can hopefully tell you more about soon (it’s semi-classified and involves a local Rotterdam hero on guitar). However, that doesn’t mean life in our balcony garden has stopped (spoiler: some has). And since I didn’t really want to deprive you, my dearest reader, of what’s going on here, I give you this little (but also kind of big) update.

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First translation work published!

Infinite InstancesA little while ago I was approached to translate a review about Olga Ast‘s book Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time. The book is a collection of works and essays from artists, film makers, designers, scientists, philosophers and photographers from all over the world, all of them trying to answer that one question: what is time?

The original piece was written by Fred Swist for Physics World, but Olga wanted the review to be translated into other languages so that readers worldwide can enjoy it.

It’s cool to have this little piece of translation work published. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more of that in the future! But I won’t be talking around the subject that much longer, read the review (and its translation) yourself!

‘Reflections on Time’ by Fred Swist.

‘Reflecties over Tijd’ (vertaling).

Going to the theatre!

477761_375669182537519_185934319_oA little while ago I went to see a play by the awesome people of Wunderbaum. Together with the architects of ZUS they’ve created a sort of sociological research project which is done through theatre: The New Forest. What the theatre group tries to do is create a new society, inspired by the sociologist Willem Schinkel. During their first play Wunderbaum already questioned Western democracy. In their second play, De Komst van Xia the audience gets introduced to their new overlord.

I wrote a more extensive review about it for ongeKUNSTeld, which you can read here! (be warned, it’s in Dutch)

Urban Farming at Home – Part 2: Watching it grow

Still growing, despite the attempts by the magpies to devour them!

Still growing, despite the attempts by the magpies to devour them!

Some time has passed we started, and the food crisis is coming ever closer. The other day I ran into a man who was throwing seed bombs (also known as ‘green grenades’) on patches of dirt. It seems more people are worried about the upcoming plans from our dear friends Monsanto regarding the patenting of seeds. Worrisome about this development is that access to natural seeds (and thus crops) can become very difficult, if not totally illegal (yay, fun stuff!). On a related note, the Peruvian government has shown it has testicles for the first time in ages. Unable to truly enforce foreign mining companies to clean up the water from metals such as mercury they’ve put in it, they did manage to give a big middle finger to genetically modified crops. I wonder if they’ll be able to truly enforce this law. I doubt it…

Back on topic!

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Urban Farming at Home – Part 1: Building our garden

Building the garden

Turning beer cans into planters.

With the economic crisis seeming to go on for another decade and an upcoming global food crisis (thank you Monsanto) we’ve decided to start growing our own food. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of having entire cities covered in greens. I imagined people building gardens on their roofs. Looking at how cities such as Havana have started to produce their own food after the collapse of the Soviet Union, I wondered how cool it would be if a city like for example Rotterdam would start produce its own food on a larger scale. For years I’ve been bugging my friends about how awesome it would be to produce food at home, and do this on a societal scale. I wonder how your supermarket would react to that…

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Long Mexican legs (desynchronosis)

BelanovaI don’t really know why I ever liked this song (you got to read the rest of this story to find out what song I’m talking about). It kind of happened to me during one of those magical summers. Well, it wasn’t that magical, I just came back from Peru and I missed the madness there. No traffic jams that could be solved by a cocaine sniffing cabdriver who runs out of his car to threaten the idiot causing the jam, no litre bottles of beer, no Corrosion (there, I said it!).

One of the great things about South America is the time difference; this means that when it’s dinner time in Holland, the sun stands on its highest point over the Andes. Consequence of this time difference when moving between these locations is that your body might get a bit confused. This is known as desynchronosis (this just asks for a metal band writing a song called that…), or to the layman as ‘jet lag’. Sadly enough I haven’t been able to suffer from this condition since I haven’t travelled in quite some time…

To get back to the story, the magical song during that magical summer. So I just came back from Peru and was suffering from jet lag. I was wide awake whilst the rest of the people were asleep. Instead of wearing some spandex suit and run around rooftops fighting crime, I decided to watch television. For some very strange reason MTV decided to broadcast its Latin American MTV Awards, also known as VMALA’s (but I think they changed that due to the whole ‘mala-thing’…). I know, I was in shock as well, music on MTV, and Latin American music, right during the time in which I was quite introspective on whether I had any kind of ‘Peruvianness’ (is that even a word?) in me. And then this song popped up, this Mexican band (and sadly enough not Molotov), horribly poppy, very cheesy, and when looking back on it quite lame. However, for some reason I decided to put up the song on ‘repeat one’ for a whole week. It must have driven people around me mad…

Why did I write this? I don’t know, but here is the song:


Bands die altijd hetzelfde klinken: mag dat?


Alles is veranderlijk, alles past zich aan. Dat wat niet in staat is om dat te doen zal uiteindelijk uitsterven. Een soortgelijke gedachte zien we ook vaak terug in de muziek; muzikanten moeten meegaan met de tijd, anders houdt het voor hen op, of worden ze ‘retro’. Maar geldt dit voor alle muzikale artiesten? Soms zijn er bands die in staat zijn om dezelfde formule voor meerdere albums toe te passen, sommige bands weten dit trucje voor decennia vol te houden. Laten we een kijkje nemen naar een paar van deze bands…

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Highway to the danger zone – De verfilming van het Amerikaanse buitenlandbeleid

top-gun-sailor-singing-1Voor degene die het nog niet weten, Top Gun komt terug en nu in IMAX 3D (bekijk de trailer). Kijkers wereldwijd kunnen nu als nooit tevoren de eerste ophemeling van de Amerikaanse krijgsmacht in film sinds de Vietnamoorlog ervaren. Jammer genoeg heeft Tony Scott vorig jaar zelfmoord gepleegd, anders hadden we Top Gun 2 kunnen kijken en in IMAX 3D kunnen bewonderen hoe gaaf drones zijn (alhoewel ik wel nieuwsgierig ben naar hoe een volledige versie van deze redub zou zijn). De re-release van dit jaren ‘80 spektakel is echter wel een mooie gelegenheid om te kijken naar de invloed van het Amerikaanse militair-industrieel complex in Hollywood.

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Spring Breakers – Laat uw innerlijke pedofiel maar naar boven komen

Spring BreakersHarmony Korine is waarschijnlijk het meest bekend om zijn werk dat hij in de jaren ’90 heeft gedaan. Zo heeft hij de film Gummo geregisseerd en de cult hit Kids geschreven, een film die het begin luidde voor de carrières van Chloë Sevigny en Rosario Dawson. In zijn nieuwste film Spring Breakers lijkt Korine weer terug te keren naar zijn interesse voor tieners…

Hier weer een nieuw artikel voor OngeKUNSTeld!

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